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About us

About us

Surat Digital Marketing School

Surat Digital Marketing School is created to offer a complete course that is specifically designed as per the current industry trends. Years of experience has helped us identify and understand the graduate-employee skills gap in the industry. At our school, we keep up with the pace of the industry and impart a holistic education that encompasses all the latest concepts of the Digital world so that our graduates can effortlessly integrate into the assigned roles.

This is the place where you become a Digital Marketing Expert.

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Concept-base Education:

What you required to become the industry’s complete Digital Marketer is provided in Surat Digital Marketing School. Our course focuses on Digital Marketing skills as well as managerial skills. Our academic approach is fashioned to catalyze the critical thinking of learners. Project-based learning encouragesstudents to research on growing Digital Marketing trends and focuses on a specific outcome-based Digital model.

Having this course is the complete package to start a great carer, business or expand them by applying knowledge to Social Media Management, Blogging, Email Marketing, SEO, SEM, Website Creation, Graphics, and much more. Develop your managerial skills that include B2B Digital Marketing strategies, the art of pitching and winning clients, lead funnel planning on live project-based learning environment.

After-Course Opportunities:

The growth of the Digital economy is opening new avenues in creative, social media, technical and business skills for aspiring professionals. The supply of skilled Digital Marketing professionals does not match the rising demand. Surat Digital Marketing School allows you to be a qualified professional through practical sessions and equips you for any work profile in this industry.

Digital marketing has a sea of opportunities for people with any line of interest. For technical, there is SEO, SEM, Analytics; for those who want to write; there is content writing, copywriting; for those who have a great sense about strategizing there is content marketing strategist, social media strategist, audience development strategist —more ahead digital marketing techniques like chatbot development, video marketing, social media messenger campaigns and so on. Digital marketing includes n-number of paths that a person can take. So build your audience, find a way to target them, nurture them and push them in the direction to purchase with them.


We deals with many services to take extra care of your problem solutions.

Suratdms, a global leader in IT services, consulting, and business solutions, leverages technology for business transformation and helps catalyze change.

Google Ad

Google Ads and my business reach thousands of viewers on your behalf for your buisness.

Social Media Marketing

Ensure that the world is aware of your business by connecting with them on Facebook, Instagram, and LinkedIn.

Graphic Design

Reach your viewers with innovative and impactful information.

Website Development

Let people know what you're offering and why it's relevant with website development.

Email Marketing

Email Marketing is a great way to inform your audience about the services your business offers.

Bulk WhatsApp / SMS

Bulk Whats App/ SMS allows businesses to reach a wide audience in a short period of time.

Search Engine Optimization

Search engine optimization increases the visibility of a website and increases business opportunities.

Youtube Marketing

Engaging your audience while promoting your brand is easy with Youtube marketing.

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Surat Digital Marketing School is created to offer a complete course that is specifically designed as per the current industry trends. 

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