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Bulk WhatsApp / SMS

Bulk WhatsApp / SMS

Bulk SMS on WhatsApp service allows you to share PDF, Excel, JPEG, DOC and other files as attachments. You can send bulk SMS to customers and share attachments in WhatsApp on-demand- if the customer selects to receive further information. Send company profiles, brochures, catalogues, admission prospectus to thousands of prospects. Share detailed information and generate more leads by registering to bulk SMS on WhatsApp.

Bulk SMS on WhatsApp is an interactive way to connect with people powerfully and promote products digitally. It is an extension to bulk SMS service that enable businesses to share thorough details about the product or services with thousand of customers.

You send SMS to multiple mobile numbers. Customer receives the SMS and follows the given link that opens up in WhatsApp. When message opens in WhatsApp, it includes business-centric keywords that customer can send to receive detailed information on the product being advertised.

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