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Entrepreneur Digital Training Program

Entrepreneur Digital Training Program

Being an entrepreneur, you’re used to beating the odds. There is no chance you go for conventional paths even if it paves a straight, safe route to reasonable success. But there are fewer chances you do what everyone else is doing.

If you own a business, you are the best person to do any job with the most taken care. But, with the world moving digital, marketing strategies are also digital today. Businessmen who lack the Digital marketing expertise are forced to depend on an agency or their potential resource for their marketing planning today. Taking Entrepreneur Digital Program will help entrepreneur drive media strategies better than ever. While they can continue their progress with the agency or their hired expert, it will be easy to pitch in the strategies and monitor the effectiveness of the online program.

Entrepreneur Digital Program is specifically designed for creative professionals, entrepreneurs and freelancers looking to market their business through the use of social media. This 30-hour course will nourish you for each important aspect of social media marketing.

Who can Join

Why Entrepreneurs Should Have This Course: (Psychological aspects of social media)
How to reach the ideal target audience?
Creating a relatable and well-defined brand image
Stay Up-to-date with Digital Trends
8 Best tried and practised social media benchmarks
Scheduling, automation and saving your sanity

Best Fitted For:

SME Business Owner
Corporate Employee


30 HOURS  (15 Days)

Training Mode:

Practical Case study based On Live Projects


Lectures and discussion
Case study/exercises
Presentations class participations
Live Project Training

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