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Google Analytics

Google Analytics

This module will cover how Google tools work, how to use Google analytics in Digital Marketing and all the techniques related to Google. How to create a website, how to place it in a higher rank, how to get more traffic for your website, and how to analyze the traffic. Google Analytics is a very deep module, the training elements involve


What is Google Analytics?
Importance of Analytics for Business
Introduction to Google Analytics
Setup Google Analytics Account
Understanding the Bounce Rate?
What is mean by Real Time in Analytics?
What is Audience?
How to check the statistics?
What is the Demographics in Google Analytics Account?
What is Language in Google Analytics Account?
What is System and Mobile in Google analytics in Account?
How to check user flow in Google Analytics?
What is ACQUISITION in Google Analytics?
How do you measure ACQUISITION?
Search Console at a Glance in Analytics tool
Understanding Goals and Conversions
How to set up funnels
Importance of funnels

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